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We offer a comprehensive range of clutch & flywheel parts, all fully fitted by our expert technicians.

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What is a clutch & Flywheel?

On a manual transmission vehicle, the clutch and flywheel are the two main components responsible for transmitting power from the engine to the transmission. If either one fails, the car will not be driveable.

What are the symptoms of a worn clutch?

The most common symptoms of a bad clutch are hardness to enter a gear or clutch slipping when power is applied.

What are the symptoms of a worn flywheel?

The most common symptoms of a bad flywheel are vibrations wheel power is applied and flywheel chatter.

How long does replacement take and what is the warranty?

On the majority of vehicles clutch replacement is completed on the same day. All clutches are covered by a 12 month Warranty. Please contact us for prices.

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Competent, pro-active support from a terrific tire service. This is definitely a company you want to do business with.

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The staff are really helpful and explained everything to me clearly. The guys were incredibly helpful and I felt like I was in good hands, better than any other garage I've been to!

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I have used this garage for the past 15yrs, very friendly staff, excellent customer satisfaction. They go above and beyond when helping you. Thanks guys.

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Really great service, ran through everything and costs before proceeding with work. Super professional.