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Wipers for both front and rear screens

Safety First:- The average lifespan of a wiper is 1-3 years, depending on usage, climate and contaminates. Rain, Snow, Insects, Dirt, Grime, Tree Sap, Poor air quality and even bird deposits all affect how long a wiper lasts.

The average wiper blade wipes the windscreen over one million times a year. Travelling 1,200 kms in the process.. Worn wiper blades can result in screen vision being reduced by up-to 30%. Unless a windscreen is clear, the driver is a grave danger to themselves and other others. So, it is vital they do their job right, every time. It is believed that some 20% of all accidents may be caused as a result of poor visibility, especially in wintery conditions.

Planning a long distance journey? FREE visual safety check...
Drive into us and we will check your "under the bonnet" fluids, tyre pressures and condition and check your wipers condition and top up your screen wash.

Older metal style wipers from €8.00 supplied and fitted, incl Vat.
Newer blade style wipers from €15.00 supplied and fitted, incl Vat

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