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Monroe Shock Absorbers and Suspension Specialists

Bananas gradually go off as time goes by. However, Suspension parts dont change colour, so it is not always obvious that there is a problem in your vehicle suspension system. This is generally due to a gradual loss of performance in the shock absorbers and other principle suspension parts and because this happens over time, a motorist may not always feel the gradual decrease in suspension performance and handling.

The danger of these worn suspension parts includes poor handling due to insufficient grip, which can be especially dangerous when you need to make a rapid evasion manoeuvre, as the steering response may be inadequate. Not to mention the excessive tyre wear. You only then wish you didn’t go for the cheaper option!

As a Monroe Shock Absorber and Suspension Specialist, we will visually inspect your vehicles suspension system and show you any problems we find, along with a clear quotation for any work, where required.

Book an appointment or just drive in for a FREE visual suspension check today.

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