Brake Fluid Service

A brake fluid change is recommened every two years, as it is vital to ensure your braking system is in tip top condition to stop your vehicle.

Brake fluid absorbs moisture from the atmosphere and over time the moisture content builds up and will effectively reduce the performance of your system and cause damage.

Book a brake fluid service on-line with us for €49.00 and save €30.00 on our regular in store price.

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Suspension & Alignment

Worn suspension or mis-aligned wheel alignment / tracking, will cause unpredictable steering / handling in an emergency situation.

We offer a completely FREE CHECK of your cars suspension and wheel alignment. This comprehensive health check will highlight any issue with your suspension parts or alignment.

If your car subsequently needs suspension parts and/or wheel alignment, you can avail of a 15% discount, if you mention this offer.

5% off your Full Service

Is your car due a full service soon?

We offer the most complete full car service for any vehicle. Using parts that meet or exceed the manufacturers specifications you can be assured that your car is in great hands.

This exclusive web offer entitles you to a further 5% discount off our regular fixed price full car service if you book online today.

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